Veneers are thin layers of material which sit on the surface of your tooth.


Veneers are used for two reasons, to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and also to protect the damaged surface of a tooth. Veneers use two types of material, these are porcelain and composite.


Composite veneers are sometimes placed on teeth directly by your dental surgeon but are most often sent to the dental laboratory to be fabricated by one of our dental technicians.



Porcelain veneers are always sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication, when complete they are returned to the dental surgeon to be fitted to your teeth.


The Process 


When having veneers fitted, it is necessary for the dental surgeon to take an impression of your teeth which is sent to the dental laboratory. Prior to this the dental surgeon will prepare your existing teeth for the veneer. This may mean your existing teeth will need to be reshaped. On occasion this may not be necessary and veneers can be fitted without preparation.


Once the dental laboratory has the impression the dental technician will start to fabricate your veneer. When the fabrication has been completed the veneer is returned for dentist to bond it to the surface of your tooth.

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