We can provide a wide range of appliances from simple removable appliances through to functional appliances. We can also supply fixed arches (palatal & lingual) upon surgery supplied bands in addition to fixed retainers. We also supply occlusal splints (mandibular or maxillary) either in the 'blank stage' (to allow grinding in charside) or fully ground in through lateral and protrusive/retrusive excursions (ie. tanner, michigan splints)

Soft Splints





For bruxism patients we can provide lower soft occlusal splints for nightwear use which protects the teeth from premature wear. These are supplied with a protective case.

Bleaching Trays





We provide bleaching trays vacuum formed to the individuals teeth with a slight spacing on the labial/buccal surface (if required) to allow for the whitening material. Please note we do not provide the bleaching material. These bleaching trays are supplied with a protective case.

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