Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Robinson Dental Ceramics can provide a wide range of frameworks from full plate (either on partial or full uppers) to skeleton and horse-shoe designs. Upon partial designs flexible clasps (Dental 'D') and gold can be added (at a supplement to full working cast) to improve the aesthetic look especially in the anterior region.


Where there is a tight anterior overbite, frameworks can be supplied with anterior backings which protect the artificial teeth palatally from fracture. Prior to these type of framworks a wax try-in will be required as these designs are made to the set-up of the anterior teeth.


There are two alloys which we use in our cobalt-chrome frameworks;


  • NHS Frameworks - Affina 29
  • Private Frameworks - Vitallium (which has increased strength and elasticity allowing deeper upper cuts to be used for clasping)


As clinically sound teeth are essential for the construction of tooth bourne cobalt-chrome dentures. (ie rest seat and clasping load). We require the prescribing clinician to provide a definitive design (a pdf. of our chrome design sheet can now be downloaded and printed by clicking here) as they have the clinical knowledge of each individual patient as to which teeth are clinically sound to receive clasping/rest etc.


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