We use a number of different materials and techniques to produce our prosthetic work. From traditional acrylic techniques using either standard impact acrylic or high impact acrylic, through to the injection moulding technique.


We produce our NHS standard dentures using the traditional technique of primary model, special tray model (when prescribed), bite stage, try-in stage and when the patient is satisfied with the shade/mould/set-up of the try-in, the denture will be process through to the finish stage. 


At the finish stage all partial dentures are processed on a duplicate cast (unless otherwise stated) and the completed dentures are returned on the original working cast. This shows accuracy of fit to the original cast.


All NHS work is finished in standard acrylic and we use the VITA Shade range A-D but can be finished in high impact acrylic as a supplement, when requested full lowers can be provided with a soft lining.


Our independent/private dentures are produced using the same techniques as listed for the NHS but set up on functional articulators and these are finished in high impact acrylic. We can provide a wide range of mid (independent) and higher range (private) teeth for independent/private cases.


For the independent cases we generally recommend one of the following tooth ranges;


  • Cosmo HXL Teeth
  • Monarch Teeth
  • Senator Teeth
  • Bluline Teeth


The teeth listed above are available in the VITA classic shades A1-D4.


For the private case we generally recommend the Ivoclar-Vivadent produced 'Vivodent PE' range of teeth which come in a fully functional mould range. These teeth are available in the chromascop range of shades although VITA shades can be converted also.

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